How to Paint Reds and Copper Hair Colour Without Hot Roots and Banding


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  • How to formulate Reds and Coppers in the salon using the 5-6-7-8 levelling system that works with every single hair colour brand
  • How to avoid the 2 biggest mistakes Hairdressers make when colouring reds and copper Haircolour
  • The secret to hair painting “natural” tones in Reds and Coppers when a client requests classic tones as opposed to high-fashion hair colours or vivid tones
  • Strategies to boost your confidence to attract new clients to your salon seeking red hair colour - even if you're a total newbie, an experienced hairdresser that is scared of making costly mistakes or you’re avoiding reds altogether

I have been inspired by Kristina and her colour work since I was an apprentice preparing for a Sydney Hair Expo mainstage show many years ago. Having now grown as a hairstylist and colourist with 15+ years of global experience as an Educator, Freelance Session Stylist and Colourist, I have attended several of Kristina’s education events. Kristina is inclusive and hones in on all learner types allowing you to get creative whilst understanding the science behind it. Kristina has a wealth of knowledge to share both technically and creatively. I promise you will have a colourful fun time with Kristina!


International Session Stylist and Master Hair Colourist, Australia

Kristina is an absolute treasure in our industry. Her positive energy and smile are contagious. I love the way that she draws out the creativity in her students and always thinks outside the box. Her expertise in redheads is astounding and much needed in an industry flooded with blonding techniques and workshops. Her colour language is clear and easy to understand for all levels of hairdressing.


Brand Free Hair Colour Educator and Author of a Colorful Journey, USA

My name is Kristina Russell.

I am a Sydney-based multi-award-winning Haircolour Expert & Industry Educator aka @ColourKristina across social media. I’ve been travelling the world teaching hairdressers how to paint hair for over 20 years for some of the hair industry’s “big wigs” and now I’m sharing everything I’ve learned with you. I divide my time between working behind the salon chair and teaching classes of my own design to help Hairdressers and Salon Owners elevate their craft.

I am not sure about you, but I have accidentally dyed my client’s hair very bright at the roots in the past and needed to correct my own colours. I used to get some reds and coppers gorgeous and others looked like blueberry packet dyes until I looked back over my notes from the time I studied at Art School and had a light bulb moment. I realised something was lacking in hairdressers' education through college and apprenticeship years, with a lot of us being expected to learn reds, coppers and creative colours on paying clients in experimental days. This had to change, and I was the one to do this!

Learn how my unique approach to Creative Colour Theory will make your Redhead requests skyrocket in your salon! My different perspective on the hairdressing norm in colour education is world-renowned for sharing a well-thought-out strategy for Hair-Painting for Redheads.